Financial Agreements

Financial Agreements

Parties who agree on arrangements for their finances and property can formalise the agreement outside of Court by entering into a Financial Agreement.
A Financial Agreement is a contract between two or more parties (married or de facto) under the Family Law Act. A binding Financial Agreement ousts the Court’s jurisdiction about the specific issue which is the subject of the Financial Agreement.
A Financial Agreement can cover all the aspects of finances and property of the parties or can be limited to a specific issue.

Types of Financial Agreement


Parties can enter into a Financial Agreement before marriage, during marriage or after the marriage.

De facto

Parties can enter into a Financial Agreement before de facto relationship, during de facto relationship or after the de facto relationship.

For a Financial Agreement to be binding there are some certain technical requirements prescribed by the Family Law Act such as a mandatory requirement for each party to receive independent legal advice before entering into the Financial Agreement.

Advantages of Financial Agreements

Disadvantages of Financial Agreements

The above should not be treated as legal advice but general information and if you are thinking about entering a Financial Agreement, you must seek legal advice.
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