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Facing criminal charges? Looking for a skilled defence lawyer to defend you or your loved ones against minor or serious criminal charges? Look no further than AMA Legal! Let us help you navigate the complexities of the law and achieve the best possible outcome for your case. At AMA Legal, our skilled criminal lawyers in Blacktown offer practical and personalised legal solutions to protect your rights and interests.

Experienced Criminal Lawyers in Blacktown

Criminal Lawyers in Blacktown

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You should consider calling a criminal lawyer in the following circumstances:
  1. Arrest: You have a right to speak to a lawyer if you are arrested by the Police.
  2. Investigation: If you are subject to a Police investigation, you can get advice from a criminal lawyer on your rights and options.
  3. Charged with criminal offences: If you are charged with a criminal offence and to get the best possible outcome, you should get legal advice from a criminal lawyer.
Don’t hesitate to call our criminal lawyer Blacktown if you are in need of legal advice.
You do not need a lawyer and you can represent yourself in all Courts at every level in NSW with some exceptions, however, you should consider the following when contemplating if you need a lawyer:
  1. What are my rights and how do I exercise my rights?
  2. What are the Court processes?
  3. What Defence do I have and how do I present my Defence?
  4. How do I negotiate with the Prosecution?
  5. How do I challenge any prosecution evidence?
  6. What do I need to present to Court to mitigate any penalty?
  7. What appeal rights do I have?
At AMA Legal, we represent clients in all Criminal matters in all Courts in NSW.  We are experienced in NSW Criminal law legislations, regulations, and Court procedures, and take a strategic and tenacious approach in defending your RIGHTS and interests.

In NSW, the Courts endeavour to resolve all matters in a just and timely manner but many factors play a part in the duration of the matter, including: 

  1. The Court which the case is being prosecuted in (usually matters in the Local Courts are resolved faster than in higher Courts),
  2. Whether a guilty or not guilt plea is entered,
  3. Whether the accused is in custody or on bail,
  4. The caseload of the particular Court registry in which your matter is being prosecuted,
  5. Prosecution and defence witness availability to give evidence,
  6. Extent of negotiations with the Prosecutions,
  7. Pretrial applications in the higher Courts and many other factors.
If you are arrested by the Police:
  1. Stay calm and do not resist the arrest,
  2. Cooperate with the Police by listening to their directions,
  3. Ask to speak to a lawyer before you make any statements to the Police.
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