Consent Orders

Consent Orders

A Consent Order is a Court order made with the consent of the parties regarding their Family Law matter. Consent orders are made by a Registrar of the Court and are enforceable in the same way as if the orders had been made by a Judge. Consent orders will be final, although in limited circumstances the Court does have power to set them aside and make new orders.
An application for Consent Order must be filled within 12 months of divorce or 2 years since the end of a de facto relationship. Out of time applications can be filed with leave (permission) of the Court.

What can be covered in Consent Orders

Consent Orders can be made regarding any of or any combination of the following:
Consent orders cannot be made regarding:



The above should not be treated as legal advice but general information and if you have separated from your partner and wish to enter Consent Orders for parenting or property, you should seek legal advice.
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